From: Di Mace
Sent: Monday, 26 July 2010 5:16 PM
Subject: Remember Hansel & Gretel’s Plan … ?

You know….the breadcrumb trail through the woods so they could get back home? The one the birds ate?

Well I’ve got a better plan ….. I’m leaving you a cyber-trail! One that’s irremovable …

As I mentioned in my Cinderella story’ email, I’m changing my email address soon to . And I said I’d keep reminding you to add it to your safe list so we didn’t lose touch – so here’s the reminder.

Oh, and the response to my Cinderella story’ – announcing my rebranding, new website (I’ve never before fiddled so much with anything I’ve done … except perhaps my hair as a teenager) was both humbling and overwhelming. I received so many great responses (a 22% response rate – usually I’m lucky if get one or two) I thought I’d thank those of you who replied.

Many were simple congratulations, but others (from the least expected corners) summed up some things that I’d only ever hoped would come through in my writings.

One lovely reader, called Vicki, summed up beautifully the response from most readers –



The whole energy and feel of what you are doing resonates both through your copy and your site. I have no doubt that the slippers will fit well.


And from my friend who inspired the whole transformation …

Love it J And I even got a mention! 😀


So, thank you to those that got back to me …

And remember – in the beginning, there was the story. Storytelling really was the original marketing spiel.

We write product, person, company and service stories every day, and if you want yours told let’s talk.

Or take a look!

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