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I'm here to help deliver your brand story


Together, we'll demystify and unpack your story, brand voice, language and purpose – then I'll bringing it to life with words.


Multinational companies through to soloist businesses hire me to add meaning to their words ... through signature materials centred on their culture, customers and core values.

"My clients often remark about how I've wowed them, by doing more than was asked of me."

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As a brand journalist and story-based copywriter I can craft a slim sentence, clean up sloppy copy or write meaningful branded content that:

  • conveys a cause
  • cultivates culture, or
  • creates converts to your brand.


You'll get words that animate your ideas, verbalise your voice and do the legwork for your branding.

Di Mace - Brand voice and copywriting specialist - WORD SWORDS

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“She’s never failed to impress me with her influential copywriting and understanding of how to persuade customers.
Di is phenomenal at creating a background story behind a product - to personalise it beyond anything we’ve been able to do ourselves. She gets right into the products “soul” and makes our customers FEEL passionate about our products. ”
~ Adam Benson, Director, Arcanum Logic

How can I help you?


Every day I’m developing stories, messages and branded content that helps to add greater meaning and tell their story.


By fusing the science of marketing with the art of storytelling, I'll define, develop and then deliver heartfelt, persuasive narratives specifically for your brand.

However, great brand storytelling doesn't happen in one piece of content. It ebbs and flows with your brand, product, or service — unfolding over time, as it creates meaning and connection.

Think of your brand story as chapters in a book. Each chapter (or content initiative) fuels the overall narrative and should not deviate from the story-line. A complete brand narrative builds an episodic story-line that is deeper, richer and more meaningful.

“Di's take on writing is simple — tell a story, you win an audience.
Win an audience, you gain loyalty. Achieve this, and you can sell anything.”
~ Aurora Marketing

What makes me different?


I help you unpack your brand story, voice and purpose - making it more valuable and meaningful.


As a corporate marketer-turned-story-based copywriter, I understand branding, strategy and how to layer meaning ... without losing sight of the ultimate goal.

During my 20-year life in the corridors of B2B and B2C corporate marketing and communications, I learned valuable lessons – how to build brands, persuade – as well as what makes a brand and adds value to its people and culture.

“I totally loved this article 🙂 ur a genius woman!”
~ Manelle Merhi - Brand & Culture Manager, Kennards Hire

What can I offer you?


I take a bespoke approach, hand shaping and forging words specifically for each client - there's not a cookie-cutter attitude around here.


My copywriting is specialised - for business, marketing and branding.

I collaborate with you to understand your vision and goals, and develop strategic messages that help position, build a strong back-story and create loyal followers for your brand.

They’ll start to emotionally invest in your brand, making it theirs; they’ll want it to succeed, and your story will spread.

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