Remember how Cinderella got a new dress, a great ‘do’ and those fabulous glass slippers … as well as living happily ever after?


Well that’s what will (hopefully) now happen here.


It all started with an epiphany a few months ago while working on a friend’s branding and taglines.

I realised that I liked (and was prouder) of the work I did on everyone else’s brand … than I was of my own.

When I asked him, my friend agreed.

And so began the transformation. I decided to do what most brand experts would say is brand suicide – and I now have a new business name, new look (or ‘do’) and a new home – here – to live in.

Please take a look around.

I could list a whole stack of rational and practical reasons why I shouldn’t be changing. On the other hand I really have one very strong reason for doing it – it just feels right.

Far too often in my business life I’ve made head decisions rather than heart and gut instinct decisions.

Not this one …

    Welcome to WORD SWORDS


We paint word pictures.

We craft brand, idea and product stories that persuade and sell . . . and it’s stories (not ideas, features or benefits) that are spread from person to person, creating customer evangelists.

Great copy persuades. Great copy tells stories. Great copy sells.

We write stories that customers choose to believe.

Every business has a story. Let’s tell yours together.


In the coming weeks I’ll also be changing my email address, so please add my new one to your safe list – di.mace[@]

I’ll keep in touch to remind you about the email change, but in the meantime please read and enjoy our new story.

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Want the 'Create Compelling Brand Narratives' EBook?

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