You may well ask, “Why would Cinderella need to start blogging?”


There is a very good reason. Those of you that know me (and my story so far) will perhaps remember my ‘Cinderella Story’ email last July. It mentioned glass slippers, a new dress and a fabulous new ‘do’….?

It also mentioned having an epiphany about my brand and the transformation that followed – how it just felt right.

Well, blogging has been another gut-instinct decision for me (aka Cinderella) to try. It spirals around a ‘slow-growth’ feeling this time: keeping up with my digital-native kids, learning something new, resolving it’s the words that matter not the platform, and finally my 2011 word-resolution. But more on that in another post …


What happened?

Over the holidays (as you do) I actually got time to think instead of do. And it came to me. I suddenly realised that I’d had several *taps on the shoulder* about doing this over the last few months of 2010. So as of today I’ve added a shiny new blog to my website.


What’s the blog about?

Blogging for Cinderella means I want to find some new friends, spin a few threads into a yarn and tell my story about things. And work. And stuff.

Most of all I want to share with others my experience in branding, marketing and commercial writing.

In short, give you the ‘know-how’ to build a strong back-story for your brand and create loyal followers. I’m sure someone else out there can benefit from it *she says in a hopeful voice*….

Anyway I received so many great responses to my How has 2009 been for you, Cinderella story, Hansel and Gretel plan and Are you happy with the way things have been in 2010 emails that I hope I can hit the same note with my blog.


Let me know

I’m sure I’ll have some good and bad posts, direct hits and some fish slaps as it progresses, but I’ll do my best to keep it on track.

Please let me know how I’m going, in the comments.

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