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I create, craft and clean-up brand stories and messages


Every day I help businesses define, develop and deliver their brand voice and create words, messages and stories that position their brand.

All my copywriting is handforged to move people – winning, wowing or wooing them – while building your brand. 

By enchanting and wooing your customers - across pixel and print - your idea, brand and company becomes more memorable, purposeful and valuable.

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What do I do?


If you need something written, edited, polished, revised, organised, analysed or brainstormed, call me.


Collaborating with my clients to understand their vision and goals is second nature to me, as is developing strategic messages that help position your brand.

Broadly, my range of services fall under five headings:

Branding | Consulting

Branding | Consulting – brand voice, brand story crafting, submissions, mission statements, reports, proposals, tenders

Copywriting | Brand journalism

Copywriting | Brand journalism - story crafting, ghostwriting and taglines

Content creation

Content - custom magazines, blog posts, articles, ebooks, case studies, white papers, websites

Publications | Magazines

Publications | Magazines – newsletters, brochures, selling material, presentations, message weaving

Copy editing | Wordsmithing

Copy editing | Wordsmithing – you write; I craft, polish and finesse

brand stories and messages


Why use me?


I'm so glad you asked.


I'm naturally curious, which means I dig deep to uncover as many ‘great things’ as I can ... about what makes you and your brand tick.

This helps me define and develop your brand voice, and ensures I deliver a story that makes your product, company or idea valuable and memorable.

I love working with words and brands, so my zone of genius – where passion and talent intersect – is handforging a brand language and voice that you, your brand and your customers want to hear and read.

And let's see, I'm told I'm fun to work with.

Innovation, playfulness and enthusiasm are my must-have essentials in every day's work. The word 'quirky' that often comes to mind when you work with me, and laughter is the oft used remedy to handle nightmare deadlines and difficulties.

 	Creating, crafting & cleaning-up brand stories & messages -WORD SWORDS 	Creating, crafting & cleaning-up brand stories & messages -WORD SWORDS


If that sounds like what you're looking for ... find out more about working together.


"I offer customised solutions for one time projects as well as support for larger ongoing campaigns, and  specialise in writing for business, marketing, and branding."

If you have questions perhaps look at some client case studies, my writing portfolio or email me.


Or if you're ready to get started LET'S GET TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER  

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