Tattooing is a forever kind of thing.

It stands the test of time.

Once on, never off.



Unlike this guy, you can’t keep changing your mind.

You shouldn’t do it on a whim, in spite or adoration.

Think before you ink.


Your message should be the same.

Make it meaningful.

Express yourself.

Think about what you want to say or mark.

Make it deep enough to evoke, wide enough to extend.

And circular enough to connect.


Tattoos place a static stake in time.

But the right message can animate and incite action.

If they mean enough, when they’re made.


Get inked

Why do you think people get tattoos? Have they transcended their grubby origins to now become something that’s symbolic and asserts your individuality?

And what about your messages?

Do they depict where you want yourself or brand to be in the future?

Did you think before your inked them?


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