The one certainty in business today is change.

In a landscape that constantly fluxes when it comes to technology, volume and approaches, the majority of business-people would agree on one thing. And that is, that it’s unpredictable.


On this thought, of recent months I’ve changed around my freelance business; altering approaches and remixing where I invest my time, energy and talents.

But in laying down the new loadstones for stronger foundations, I’ve been most surprised that often the things you think you need to hold most tightly to are the things in the end, that you most need to let go of.

As a service provider, my focus needs to be NOT on how much business I have, but on the strength of relationships and quality of service. To achieve that (to the level I demand) it means that less clients results in better things (relationships, returns and results) flowing back at me.

The philosophy is that if I genuinely care [give a damn] about my clients, give of myself, truly understand and do great work for them, then the rest will follow. Clients will remain loyal and pay-forward that fortune. The circle will turn and return.

This may be in stark contrast to the often-heard mantra of spreading your risk and exposure, but for this business it’s the right decision to align beliefs and values with my clients and building an honest relationship. Trust is the glue that binds it all together. That holds tight, even in tough storms.

So next time you think about working with someone, find people with similar philosophies and cultures, ones that uplift your business, not bring it down. And remember to ask more questions, talk less and listen more.

Those keys will keep you open to changes.

And new friends.


Image: winjohn


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