How to know if you and your copywriter are a match made in heaven

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Sometimes you just know.


brand voice


There was that feeling when you met. Simpatico.

The air was sizzling hot.

You could read each other’s minds. You’d finish each other’s sentences.

They could be the one.

Is it right – should you want them so much, this soon?

The next step seems inevitable.

A commitment.


It’s a BIG one to make

Will it last?

Fear is rising, you’ve been there before; jumped in and it’s ended badly.

Then you’ve retreated, curled up hugging your knees and slowly rocked yourself better.

What to do?

They just seem sooooo right for you….


How to hear the problem police before they come knocking 

Sound familiar?

This tale of attraction, interest, desire and (hopeful) action is a common one when working with freelancers.

They seem and sound so perfect – good looks (portfolios), great chit-chat (spiel) and all the right moves.

Their offers of relieving your stress, lowering your workload and delivering the goods are music to your ears.

BUT…we’ve all been sucked into the wrong relationship before, and made a decision based on what seemed like all the right reasons at the time.

Copywriters come in all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Equally, there are many reasons that a freelance relationship can go wrong.

So how do you know for sure that you’re a match made in heaven?

Here are some of my tips on what a copywriter needs (apart from being able to write) to become your indispensable right hand:


1.      Curious and questioning


2.     Responsive and reliable


3.     Ego left outside


4.     Respectful release


5.     Organised and accurate


6.     Calm and sincere


7.     Simpatico on values and ethics


8.    Bends not breaks


9.     Adapts


Copywriting isn’t like normal writing. To be effective, it’s a style of writing that isn’t driven by logic.

It’s driven by emotion.

Don’t let your emotions run away with you when working with your copywriter, or you could find yourself left nursing the ugly progeny of your project!


Your turn to dish

Have you started a freelance relationship that didn’t end well?

Besides being a great writer, what else do you think a copywriter needs to be, to be successful?

Tell us, in the comments.


Note: Homage to Carol Tice’s brilliantly headlined post Are You Letting Sleazebag Freelance Clients Get You Pregnant? which inspired this post.
Image with thanks to otjep


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