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It’s all about what your writing produces, not what you say you can…

What people are saying about WORD SWORDS

Here are some nice things people have said about my copywriting and what it's done for them and their business:

"Di worked with our group of companies as a freelance storyteller.
Her ability to understand the business and human values of a brand and then package that up into compelling brand narrative is second-to-none. She is a gifted wordsmith that always surprises me with her clever turn of phrase."
Matt Forman - Founder & Entrepreneur,  Maverick Data Group of Companies 
Past Projects: Strategic Brand Messaging, Narrative & Tone-of-Voice Creation, Brand Story Creation, Website, Credentials Doc, Case Studies, Exec Bios

 "There’s a quote by my hero Carl Sagan: “Writing breaks the shackles of time – proof humans can work magic.”
This indeed stands true for Di in every sense.
After reading the first few sentences of this website, I knew that she was the person I needed to take my tech start-up to the next level, and I worked with Di before we launched. My start-up offers a new product and a different way of working. I was looking for someone to not only write content for my brand but to create content that really connects with our potential customers. And more importantly, it was content that we needed to be able to reuse across different comms.
The results were nothing short of jaw-dropping.
In our first 7 days of launch in early July, we signed on almost 2000 new customers, using only one image and the words she so effortlessly put together in our social media campaigns -- a testament to her undeniable talent. Imagine that: just a couple of sentences can deliver such big results. Amazing.
To add to this her writing caught the attention of two founders of very successful start-ups, who I personally know. They’ll be working with her in future projects as their start-ups grow.
Di doesn’t just write words, she wields them. She understands that the right words written in the right way can inspire, change minds, engage and captivate people. And above all her writing truly does "create experiences with your brand, told through meaningful stories that leave a mark" as her website says. Di’s work goes beyond content. She gets you to really think about your brand, which in turn makes you delve deeply into what you’re about, your values, the problems you’re trying to solve and your mission.
I’m also a technical writer by trade. But given all my technical and documentation skills I must humbly admit that I envy the talent she possesses.
Aiver IiayaAs a Founder I couldn’t be happier with her work. She gets it. She responds quickly to emails. And she delivers on time and within budget. Pricey? Not to me. Worth it? Totally.
To this day we still continue to work with her on building our brand, telling our story in a unique way, one word at a time."
 Aiver Ilaya - Founder, Doctrail
Past Projects: Web copywriting, social media update copy, editing

“We knew what we wanted to say, we just didn’t know how to say it. Di took our garbled ideas and turned them into language which represents exactly who we are. She also crafted a tagline which delivers our message perfectly. We are really very grateful.”
Zen Digital Media - Website design, development and social media management
Past projects: Tagline, web copywriting,

"I totally loved this article 🙂 ur a genius woman!"
Manelle Merhi - Brand & Culture Manager, Kennards Hire
Manelle MerhiPast projects: Managing editor & writer for quarterly internal magazine, submissions writer, copy editing, proofreading,

"Di, I just want to congratulate you on this issue of our internal publication, The Kronicle. You have done a tremendous job and I am sitting here reading it and laughing at the ACT Belconnen Bat story.
You’re a joy to work with and I really am glad The Kronicle is in such capable hands."
Manelle Merhi - Brand & Culture Manager, Kennards Hire

Lauren Ashton"Di was an absolute delight to work with. Fast, efficient, on brief and delivered everything promised ahead of time. Both friendly and professional I would have no reservations recommending Di to any business needing SEO rich, compelling content for either B2B or B2C purposes. The content has been used extensively by our sales and partnerships team to identify and develop leads, provide opportunities to start conversations and as a cornerstone of our maturing LinkedIn business identity."
Lauren Ashton - PR & Content Manager, RedBalloon
Past Projects: Suite of B2B online articles

"Zombie Blogs: How Dead Ideas Still Walk Amongst Us  was Di’s first guest post on my blog, where she tackled the scary topic of blogs that have outlived their usefulness—and how to prevent that happening to your blog. Di hit it out of the park and made my Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012 by 1) finding an interesting theme (zombies); 2) making us laugh with her outrageous photos; and 3) giving us tons of strategies to ensure that we don’t end up with zombie blogs. Good job, Di!"
Judy Lee Dunn - Judy Lee Dunn (Cat's Eye Writer)
Past projects: Guest blog writer

"Di Mace slays writing dragons with her word swords. It is a very fun blog full of help and insight and tools and fun. She will help improve your writing. And you’ll have a bit of fun too."
"I was impressed when I stumbled onto your site last summer, so full of energy and thundering voice. Loving it. You are inspiration wildly dancing across the planet."
Catherine W McKinney - Adventures of a Writing Life

jp allen“Di is on top of her game and she will get you on top of your game. Her integrity and professionalism is about the best I've ever seen. She has "levelled up" our marketing copy and branding (and it sometimes seemed she could read my mind). If you're on the fence about working with her, let her do a small sample for you. I think you'll find she really cares, she's fun to work with and she'll do more than produce great copy for you, she'll "pull stuff out of the woodwork" and get you to think deeply about the subtleties of how you can best communicate with your audience and your clientele.”
JP Allen – Founder, &
Past projects: Long form sales page copy writing

Bernadette TWITTERBernadette Jiwa - Brand Strategist, The Story of Telling

"As a long time contributor for UltraFIT Magazine I have found Di to be an extremely supportive and professional Editor. She is dedicated to producing an industry leading publication that sets the standard for all other magazines of its kind."
Chief BrabonChief Brabon - Chief Executive Officer/ Global Master Trainer    ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ International

“It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside Di, a breath of fresh air in the world of content/copywriting. Organised and timely every project was a breeze. My advice; hire her”
Mark Augias -  Freelance Web Designer,
Past projects: Website copywriting

"WORD SWORDS writing is a professional service that I cannot speak highly enough about. Di’s approach is to always deliver the best possible writing solution no matter how large or small the task maybe. This level of customer service is not readily available in today's business.
She has given me the confidence to trust in her vast knowledge in supporting my business"
Jeff Osborne - Graphic and Web Designer, Oz Art Design
Past projects: E-book writing, web copywriting, copy editing

"Di will get the job done! As business owners we are working on the business and in the business; Di has come along at exactly the right time to assist us with not only her expertise as a writer but also as our business coach to help with branding,  maintaining our focus and growing our business.
She prods us to stay focused on the big picture and always comes up with extra suggestions beyond the job itself."
Adele Rancan - Director, Rancan Sisters Fitness
Past projects: Marketing & branding consultation, web copywriting, copy editing

“Di is an extremely talented marketer and copywriter. I have worked closely alongside her for more than five years now in a variety of contexts and am always impressed by her understanding of what makes specific demographics tick, and her prowess with words. Her additional experience with producing content for web also makes her exceptionally valuable for online projects. She has an exceptional understanding of writing for web audiences whilst applying SEO principles.
Adam BensonHer background in *real* marketing and copywriting means that unlike most web "copywriters" her work is full of substance and tailored for your audience, rather than fluffy 'tricks' that rarely add true value. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to give your product or brand that extraordinary "something" required to stick out and grab your customers' attention even in the most saturated markets. Genius!”
Adam Benson - Director - Arcanum Logic
Past projects: Branding consultation, tagline, web copywriting, copy editing,

“Di has been an excellent mentor and help to me as I have developed my skills as a fitness writer.
She always gives great advice and ideas. She goes out of her way to help.”Mireille Ryan
Mireille Ryan - Co-founder, Busy Mums Fitness Club

"Di was proficient and professional in every way. A relief to find someone who could put into words what we couldn't."
Annette Hardwick - Director, Intelligent Control Systems
Past projects: Personal profile writing, web copywriting,

"WORD SWORDS reviewed my marketing materials with a fresh set of eyes and asked questions from the customers' perspective. This was terrific for honing and strengthening QT Communications' brand values."
Sue NelsonSue Nelson – Director, Quick Thinking Communications
Past projects: Marketing & branding consultation, submission writing

"Engaging WORD SWORDS was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Despite my considerable experience in business and general management, when updating my CV for a Senior Management position and addressing Key Selection Criteria, I required someone who offered professional expertise in the area.
Di did much more that simply assist with this process; she weaved her magic through the entire document. Thank you again for all of your hard work. I would definitely recommend WORD SWORDS to anyone requiring a talented and professional copywriter and marketer."
Greg Long
Past projects: Personal profile writing, CV writing, copy editing

"Di's contribution to UltraFIT magazine was instantaneous. From a jumble of random articles and messy layout Di has themed each issue and provided much needed clarity in terms of articles for each issue as well as cleaned up the layout so it is easier and more pleasing to read.
She has also been very easy to deal with professionally - often caught in a hard place between the publisher's concepts and the reality of making it work. In all cases her communication has been concise and timely and allowed ample time for writers to make any changes necessary or to modify or edit their works."
Andrew Read - Head of Dragon Door Australia
Past projects: Sponsorship submission writing

“It is such a pleasure working with Di. There are times that as a designer I get [too] close to the project. I think we all suffer from that from time to time. I find getting Di’s perspective greatly improves the quality of the content and keeps the message fresh.
The communication and ethics I receive from her are industry leading. Never late for a deadline and always is very reasonably priced. Working with Di will ensure professional content with a very timely delivery.”George Hagivassilis
George Hagivassilis - Creative Director, The Pixel Laboratory

“Thank you Di, for doing the copy for my website. I couldn’t have done it without you! You were so prompt, knew exactly what I wanted to say and the cost was very reasonable. I am very grateful for your fantastic work.”
Penny McGahey - Founder - Northern Beaches Meditation Centre
Past projects: Web copywriting, copy editing

“House with No Steps used WORD SWORDS to write our Annual Review. Being a not-for-profit organisation it is important to get across our company message.  We were so impressed with the speed and quality of the work done for us. Their professionalism has been reassuring and their quick turnaround time has been extremely useful. We’re very happy with our choice of a professional writer, and would recommend them to any other businesses.”
Samantha Gould – Marketing Communications Executive, House with No Steps
Past projects: Annual report writing, copy editing

"I've worked on a wide variety of projects with Di over the past few years and she's never failed to impress me with her influential copywriting and understanding of how to persuade customers. Di is phenomenal at creating a background story behind products to personalise them beyond anything we've been able to do ourselves. She gets right into the products "soul" and makes our customers FEEL passionate about our products. This has been a major component of many of the successful projects we've worked on together.
She also has an enviable understanding of many of the technical aspects of marketing and copywriting that we are especially bound to with web based marketing.  She optimises her copywriting, thus boosting the results we've seen in our search engine rankings and customer accessibility. This is a unique ability among marketing professionals as it requires a technical understanding that is usually difficult to grasp.
I've worked with many different marketers over the past few years and none of them have given us the satisfaction that we've experienced working with Di. I can whole-heartedly recommend her for any project that requires solid, brilliant, and persuasive writing."
Adam Benson - Director, SEER.vey
Past projects: Branding consultation, tagline, web copywriting, copy editing,

“Di is brilliant at making ideas come to life and has the ability to take a brief and turn it into a well-written, easily understandable piece of writing.  Her skills are broad, writing everything from a sales brochure, magazine editorial, advertising materials, newsletters and letters right through to visitor marketing material.  From the point of view of an exhibition company she understands the needs of the exhibitor as well as the visitor, and can translate it into something that persuades and inspires action, while still having a succinct style in getting the message across.”
Dawn Sullivan - Business Manager, ABC Gardening Australia Expo
Past projects: Brand plans, event marketing materials, press advertising, radio scripts, sponsorship submissions, copy editing, web copywriting

“I worked with Di at both Revlon Cosmetics and Expertise Events in their marketing departments. Di is meticulous in her approach to everything she does, whether that be strategic analysis, copywriting, editing, or developing creative concepts. Her ability to look beyond the ordinary and think outside the square when tackling an issue sets her apart from other marketers I have worked with. Di has outstanding leadership skills and the ability to clearly define procedures and policies for a team.”Karin Cahill
Karin Cahill - Event Marketing - Trade and Leisure, Expertise Events

"I want to thank you for your input in to this tender. Feedback across the Team on your input has been very strong; with quick pick up on the themes/ key points and very fast turnaround of works."
 Sean O'Neill
Past projects: Tender writing, personal profile writing

“Di's take on writing is simple — tell a story, you win an audience.
Win an audience, you gain loyalty. Achieve this, and you can sell anything.”
~ Aurora Marketing
Past projects: Tender writing, CV writing, blog post writing

“When I took over this business I didn’t know what I wanted and was taking a shot gun approach of trying to be everything to everyone, it doesn’t work. We are who we are and do what we do. Now I just need an experienced person like you to tidy up our act!!!”
Darren Drew – Managing Director, Tactical Directions 
Past projects: Submission writing
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