It takes courage to be great.

Fortune does indeed favour the bold.

Or as the French would say: “Qui risque rien n’a rien.” (He who risks nothing has nothing.)

Starting a business. Saying no. Launching a new, untried product. Changing your logo. Partnering someone. Publishing a blog post. Designing a new website. Letting go of perfection. Writing a new tagline. Knowing when something is ready. Telling the truth.

They’re all about taking risks, hoping for the best and trusting. Because they feel right.

They’re leaps of faith.

And they’re all fuelled by one ingredient. Courage.

There’s a new breed of entrepreneur these days. They combine their crazy ideas with their passion, share their stories and have a change the world attitude about creating their own path.

Their courage is fuelled by a sense of purpose, not just financial gain.

You have it too.

You have the power to do whatever you want, right now.

You don’t have to play by the rules.

As Richard Branson would say, “Screw it. Let’s do it.”

Don’t wait for the perfect wave.

Take the step.

Once is luck, twice is coincidence, magic three releases deep self-trust.

Create your own game board to play on, invite your own players, create your own words and make others do it your way.

Jump in, muck things up and learn stuff. See what works, what doesn’t and do it time and time again.

Start to smell the blood of success.

That’s when you become dangerous.


Guts not glory

What leap of faith are you going to take? True entrepreneurs are ground breakers. Innovators. Rule breakers. Agents of change…

Which are you?

photo credit: lunamom58 via photo pin cc


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