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Great words persuade. Great words tell stories. Great words sell.


WORD SWORDSWhat your audience sees, hears and feels when you say something, is the test of great words.

Great words move hearts, minds and actions.


The secret weapon, in moving people, is to use storytelling practices. That's where the science of marketing is fused with the enchantment of stories to make your idea, brand and company more memorable and engaging.

I call it storiential writing - stories told through experiences.

It's writing that works for business, marketing and branding with

messages that position, tell stories and persuade, not push.

WHY? Because it’s stories (not facts, features or benefits) that spread from person to person.

The first step to selling ideas, products and services with allure, persuasion and charisma is to tell your story.

Great stories transform and inspire people.

They turn cynics into believers, move hearts and minds, and amplify your brand personality, values and promise in a very real way. People buy into your narrative, and the products that go with them.

I write persuasive narratives – brand stories – that bring brands to life. Every day I help businesses and entrepreneurs find, frame and forge their story and develop messages that help position brands. By using storytelling practices, it makes it more moving, enchanting and memorable.


How do I do it?

  1. Persuade, don't push
  2. Share your story
  3. Become a publisher

“We knew what we wanted to say, we just didn’t know how to say it. Di took our garbled ideas and turned them into language which represents exactly who we are."

Zen Digital MediaWebsite design, development and social media management

Brand stories can convey causes, cultivate culture and create converts.

Businesses of all sizes from soloists to multinational companies and everything in-between hire me to create, craft and clean-up their brand stories.

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"I would recommend her in a heartbeat to give your product or brand that extraordinary “something” required to stick out and grab your customers’ attention even in the most saturated markets. Genius!”

Adam Benson - Director – Arcanum Logic


What do I do?


Through pixel and print I’ll make your idea, brand and company more memorable and relatable.

    1. Copywriting – story crafting, ghost-writing and taglines
    2. Content creation – websites, blog posts, articles, ebooks, case studies, white papers, custom magazines
    3. Publications – plans, brochures, selling material, newsletters, message weaving
    4. Branding materials – taglines, brand stories, mission statements, reports, proposals, tenders
    5. Editing and proofreading – you write; I craft, polish and finesse    Find out more View writing samples

WORD SWORDS is a bespoke copywriting service, where each piece of copy is handforged specifically for every individual client and product. There’s a no cookie-cutter attitude tolerated here. My copywriting is handforged to win specific wars - to persuade, inform, inspire and sell - while also creating customer connections and devotees.


If you’re passionate about your idea or product and need help with your writing, I’d like to hear from you.


are shaped in the head and forged in the fire of experience.

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