Story & content packages

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Want to share meaningful content with your 'right' people, but don't know where to start?


Here are some story and content packages that could suit you, or at least start a conversation...


Prices are in Australian dollars and exclusive of GST


You want meaningful articles/posts for a blog, website, magazine, journal or social platform.


Hire me to either interview you or research five articles, then write and proof them before you upload and publish them.
$1500 for five articles, @500 words



You want a brand story-line, that charts your heritage, culture, customers and core values and  meaningfully shows your deeper purpose and the legacy your brand is leaving.


I’ll weave the threads of your product, history, beliefs, values, people and customer's delight into story narratives that carry your brand purpose, style and voice.
From $2000




You want a virtual in-house writer to create meaningful content for your brand, when you need it


Hire me virtually  for a minimum of one day per week, for at least three months to create branded story-based content.
$875 per day




You want customer stories that spread the word about their delight with your brand, that are factual, real and emotional


I'll talk to your best customers – about their feelings, experiences and thoughts – and write three articles per month for you to share.
$3000 per month, for minimum 6 months




You want to create a culture-based internal publication that celebrates the power of your people and values in action

Hire me to create a strategic storyboard, interview your people, write content, brief your designer and proofread your quarterly culture-based publication
$3,500 per month


If you have questions perhaps look at some client case studies, my writing portfolio or email me.


Or if you're ready to get started LET'S CHAT & SEE IF I CAN HELP  

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