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Hiring a brand journalist or copywriter is like finding a new friend


There has to be a connection. Something has to click.

That’s why I’m so glad you’re here. Maybe we can click too…

As a brand journalist, story-based copywriter and marketer, I’ve clicked with many large clients, small businesses and start-ups.


How can I help you?

I’ll work with you to:

specifically for you and your brand.


What's that really mean?

My purpose is to help brands own their 'why' and share that deeper purpose with their 'right' people – be that inside or outside their business – through meaningful, heartfelt content and messages.

How? I create content and brand stories that move heads, hearts and hands... by centring them around your culture, customers and core values.

I'll dig in and get to understand the style of your business and match it to your tone and brand voice — so your people know and feel what they’re getting from you, just by reading your materials in print and pixel.

That work will lay the groundwork for all your interactions and over time, as we work together, I'll  build layers of meaning into your ongoing give-and-take actions and words.


Sound hard?

Not really. It ends up being a very personal brand journey, taken together.

About me

Di Mace
I help brands and businesses own their 'why' and share their purpose, through heartfelt, persuasive words.
As a story-based copywriter and marketer, I craft brand stories and meaningful branded content - around a company's culture, customers and core values.
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More on me




My service is purposefully scaled on the power of small.

Personal. Particular. Pleasurable.

Having built a boutique, it means I can focus my zone of genius – where passion and talent intersect – on the specific handforged words that you, your brand and your customers want to hear, read and feel.


See anything here that makes us a good fit for one another? I hope so...


You need to have...

  • A desire to win, wow or woo more clients
  • A yearning to move hearts, minds and actions
  • The drive to define that little thing called your brand voice
  • A wish to really speak to your brand’s right people
  • A love for the thrill of your work, but limited time and spare brain space

Your business or company may:

  • Be a values-oriented game changer
  • Have a force-for-good, bigger-than-us ethos
  • Be open to making changes in the way your brand talks and walks
  • Be as interested in your company purpose and presence as your profit
  • Have the interest and energy to take greater ownership over your true brand voice

And most of all you are:

  • Addicted to excellence and doing things better
  • On a never-ending search to try and learn new things
  • Willing to have a few giggles while we’re creating your word swords


In return, I am...

brand voice

  • Very curious. That means I dig deep to uncover as many ‘great things’ as I can ... about what makes you and your brand tick. This helps me define and develop your brand voice, and ensures I deliver a story that makes your product, company or idea valuable and memorable.
  • Known for surprising people. My clients often remark about how I've wowed them, by doing more than was asked of me.
  • A lover of short, clean writing. If you want long-winded, pompous writing, I'm not the writer you need.
  • A hater of cookie cutter writing. Templates and boiler-plate formats used for another client will not appear in your repertoire. Everything is hand crafted for each distinct voice and brand.
  • A lover of doing great handwork. So I can sometimes give you feedback that may be unexpected. It’s normally over small things that I believe are important to the overall cohesion and sound of your voice.
  • At my best when you give me space to stretch. Bright, courageously big thinkers who naturally create discomfort and work at the edges of their map, are my simpatico.
  • Fun to work with, so I’m told. Innovation, playfulness and enthusiasm are my must-have essentials for every day's work, and the word quirky will often come to your mind.

Did anything click for you?


Great. I’m pleased you’re here. Let’s chat, really soon…


Email me: di.mace [at]


Complete the form below.

I'll be back in touch by email, within 2 business days – often quicker – so we can start crafting together.


A teeny-tiny note: Depending on what else is in the fire being forged, sometimes I can’t help you absolutely immediately. But please don't let that stop you, because I'm always up for a challenge.

When some people work with me, it doesn't feel like work. It's too much fun.

We just spark off each other.

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