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Why are you special – what's your brand story?


Do you excite, surprise or delight?

Let’s find it, own it and share it…


Delighting customers isn’t easy.

But when you do, they tell everyone.

They share what happened.


They tell each other stories – about their feelings, experiences and thoughts. And those stories aren’t just factual, they’re emotional and laden with their delight.


People spread the word about their delight, by storytelling.

Those stories are your brand gold.

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  • Because they win hearts, change minds and inspire actions...
  • Because persuasive narratives – brand stories – bring brands to life...
  • Because they get people talking, thinking and feeling about you, your brand and your business.


Let's storytell from the inside out of your brand


There are many copywriters, but there are few brand story crafters.

As a marketer-turned-copywriter, I know:

  • where to dig for brand story gold
  • how to listen and layer meaning
  • why your messages should be simple, powerful and swallowable

I’ll weave the threads of your product, history, beliefs, values, staff and customer's delight into story narratives that seamlessly carry your brand presence, style and voice - giving you content that reflects your values, positioning and innovative ideas across print, pixel and social media.

By using storytelling, your brand will come to life and your idea, brand and business will be more valuable, memorable and touchable.

brand story crafting

brand story crafting

Every brand and everything has a story to tell

Brand stories have to be authentic, full of real people doing real things.

They should show the purpose and culture of a brand, give answers to questions, be interesting to read and helpful. Great brand stories earn and keep trust with customers.

Brand stories don’t read like marketing or advertising copy. They are designed to inspire and create conversations with customers — not preaching at them or bombarding them, but giving them real and interesting stories they can relate to.

But no single story will appeal to everyone.

That’s why you need multiple stories – about your product, your history, your beliefs, your staff and your customer’s delight.


Find out how your brand can tell great stories too! Let's work together. 


Or if you have more questions, maybe email me or browse some of my writing samples.

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