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Story-based copywriting builds and creates connections


Those connections are based on empathy and meaning.


But story-based copywriting isn't like normal writing.  It's heartfelt writing that persuades... so your customers feel inspired or moved to do business with you.

It's writing that enchants your customers - winning, wowing and wooing them - while also building your brand, showing its meaning and sharing its purpose

That doesn't mean it's fluffy or long. Great brand copywriting is short, simple and swallowable ... so that it's easily understood, actioned and shared.

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Over time, meaningful branded content can tell the whole story of a brand.

It's simply the craft of using story-based content to make a brand more human and accessible so your customers can relate to you.

It is transparent, honest, informative and engaging.

Meaningful branded content goes beyond product launches and sales results to tell stories about a businesses' purpose, beliefs, values, industry, visionaries, customers, suppliers, communities and even its struggles. It's centred on your culture, customers and core values.

"WORD SWORDS reviewed my marketing materials with a fresh set of eyes and asked questions from the customers' perspective. This was terrific for honing and strengthening QT Communications' brand values."
Sue Nelson – Director, Quick Thinking Communications

"Di was proficient and professional in every way. A relief to find someone who could put into words what we couldn't."
Annette Hardwick - Director, Intelligent Control Systems

brand journalism and copywriting

As a brand journalist, I'm also an alchemist.

I'll forge words that move your right people from chemistry into conversation, toward conversion. Then your most-likely-to-buy, will say an easy "Yes" to you. 

My aim is to lay the groundwork for all your interactions and then over time build layers of meaning, in your own brand voice, into your actions and interactions.

Is my copywriting style for you?

I'll work with you to understand the style of your business and match it to your tone and brand voice — so your customers know (and feel) what they’re getting from you, by just reading your materials in print and pixel.


This formal style suits brand plans, tenders, reports, submissions, case studies, corporate materials, some publications and proposals.
It is generally used in most corporate style of communications, with the exception of  companies where their brand voice is casual and personal.



This conversational, casual style suits blog posts, feature articles, newsletters, e-campaigns, websites and more personal forms of communication and messaging.
This style is now  widely used across many business situations because of its ability to build a greater connection with readers.


Boiled down, what I do is create and connect messages to willing ears and eyes.


A few things I do:


Article writing

interesting angles

Blog post writing

connect with readers

Brand plans

roadmaps to navigate

Branding work

consistent messaging of the big idea

Brochure copywriting

persuasive, inspiring and making money

Business writing

direct and organised

Case studies

in a storytelling style that's remembered

Corporate identities

clear, concise and understandable


readable, skim-able and clickable


fixing, crafting and massaging

Newsletter writing

friendly, readable and interesting

Reports, proposals, tenders

win that pitch


memorable promises and messages

Website copywriting

content that’s punchy


All my copy is hand forged specifically for you; taking a bespoke approach rather than a cookie-cutter attitude.

WORD SWORDS copy is written to help you add meaning to your branded content and to make things move - hearts, heads and hands - just through the power of words.

If you’re passionate about defining, developing and delivering your brand voice and need a brand journalist, copywriting & publications specialist ... let's work together. 


Or if you have more questions, maybe email me or browse some of my writing samples.

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