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Your brand voice makes you memorable


So make sure it’s your own. That it fits, you.


Because how you whisper, captivate and enchant – or bleed and scream and spit – across the page and screen is how your listeners, readers and customers, "hear" you.

Your brand voice is your personality expressed in words, and one of the few things that can’t be copied by competitors.

It’s unique to your brand, if you make it that way.


Your personality is revealed through your brand voice.


The signature communication style, tone and feeling of your brand subtly shapes how customers feel about you.

But don’t be mistaken. Brand voice isn’t just one thing. It’s not only the words your chose and what your say, but how you say it. It reveals itself in details the eye barely takes in – undertones and inflections – that make you sit up, take notice, and become enthralled.

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Your brand voice is the sum of:


  • the meaning of the words used
  • their formality, friendliness or in-your-face factor
  • their arrangement or syntax
  • the angles of approach
  • their rhythm
  • their pace
  • and little subtleties like the intimacy, energy and attitude they convey ... the subtext.

The arrangement of those elements – and a few elusive others – embodies and illuminates your brand voice.

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Brand voice is also an expression of what’s behind a brand.


It embodies your values, purpose and personality and paints a clear picture of the people and business behind a brand – their passions, love, hates and the promise you make as a brand.

Your brand voice takes the DNA — that drives your internal culture, shapes your business and builds your products or services — and clearly communicates it. It creates a sense of who you are, what you do, how you do it, but most importantly, why you do it.

Your words give subtle, clear clues about what your brand is like and the aftertaste of dealing with you. If you’re not clear and consistent, it’s difficult for customers to align with, bond or trust your brand.


Voice matters. Voice is important. Voice casts a spell.


Your brand may already have a voice. But is it the right voice?

Your brand voice should:

  • define your personality
  • differentiate you from competitors
  • reflect and express what’s behind your brand
  • use your own and your customers' language
  • fit the place and volume needed
  • engage, enthrall or enchant
  • evolve as your brand does

 Does it do that? No?


Then let’s get started creating a brand voice for your brand. Let's work together...

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