Ice cream is loved the world over. It’s a special treat, comfort food and a memory maker… Just the thought of it fills us with so much feel-goodness, that we can’t help but say ‘Mmm’.


Now hold onto that feeling, because that’s exactly what great content should do for you… be memorable, tasty and leave you wanting more…


If you haven’t seen the kid’s film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs there’s a scene where it’s raining ice cream and scoops of every imaginable flavour pile high on rooftops.  Similarly, we’re surrounded by a flurry of content every day. But not all content delivers a scoop of joy. Some falls flat off the cone or some leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth.

To help you create lip-smacking good content that’s sure to be tantalising, here’s five ideas that are sure to appeal:


1. Cookie dough – get original

Suggested by an anonymous Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream fan in 1984, cookie dough ice cream is original with substance.

When writing: Find new ways to explain, present or illustrate your products by using metaphors, analogies and parallel examples to inspire and educate your readers.


2. Mint-choc – knockout beginning

Mint-choc packs a punch. And that’s exactly what the beginning of your content should do.

When writing: You have seconds to grab attention, so start your copy with a strong statement. Three options to use are: ask an irresistible question, make a controversial claim or appeal to your reader’s curiosity by linking two unconnected ideas.


3. Vanilla-bean – classic understatement

Vanilla goes with everything, is loved by all and needs no introduction.

When writing: Aim for content that people love to link to, share and reference time and time again – content that answers questions about your product, solves problems and continues to help – without being time-centric.


4. Chocolate – memorable experience

Chocolate is a distinctly rich flavour.

When writing: Memorable content comes down to having a distinctive narrative voice – so keep your copy on message, without losing your personality. A good way to do this is to write how you would speak first, and then go back and tidy it with a quick edit.


5. Strawberry – evoke emotion

We all love strawberry milkshakes at any age.

When writing: Good content taps into your readers’ emotions and heartfelt memories, so try to interlace emotive language among facts and data. After all, we want our readers to leave feeling good, and well-pleased. Try using sensory words in your writing – they draw your readers closer to you – because they make them see, hear, smell, taste or feel your words in a visceral way.


NOTE: A version of this post under another title, was originally published in INDVSTRVS magazine


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