There are stories everywhere.

Big ones… small ones… old ones… new ones… and those yet to happen.

Keep your eyes open and you can see them in the most unlikely places…



Every single scratch ticket is a story in itself.

Just pay your money and try to win, big-time – small outlay, big results.

They may be tiny, brightly coloured, even gaudily flashy but they have the power to change your story forever.

It’s just a few scratches away…


If you watch the parade, scratch tickets are miniature television shows that run all day, every day – with a different story on each ticket-channel.

But being shorter than commercials, your scratchy stories are written, edited and reworked in the space of just a few seconds.

As each bundle of shavings gets swept off the card, the potency of your new story script is palpable.

In one second you could be: Rich. Happy. Different.

And along the way, you create a story for each moment of the experience:

  • Before you buy it – a story of hope.
  • When you buy it – a story of hidden treasure.
  • As you scratch it – a story of discovery.
  • After you match a few – a story of your [possible] future.
  • If you miss out – a story of possibilities yet to happen.
  • If you win – a story of change.

But no matter the result, you are truly rich.

In stories to tell.


Your new story

What would be your new story script if you scratched a million dollars? World domination? New opportunities? Retirement? Work for joy? Happiness? Blissful idleness?


Photo credit: Pierre LaScott via photopin cc


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