And no, I don’t mean the secret recipe of eleven herbs and spices.

It’s just as delicious and finger-licking good, but plays more to your emotions than your tastebuds.



I mean the KFC of copywriting.

What is it?

Most writers get the:


They may also get the:


But the F?

What‘s that all about?


That is where the action takes place.

That’s where the decisions are made, approvals done, items purchased, subscriptions signed up and brand evangelism is born.

If done well, from there on the dominoes should fall. Exactly where you want them to fall.

The FEEL though, is the hardest part in copywriting.

Knowing, understanding and conveying how you want your reader to feel when they read, see or hear your words/pitch, is a tough nut to crack.

But it’s where the fun starts.

That’s where you paint word pictures.

That’s where you tell stories.

That’s where you involve your reader so much that they can almost reach out and touch or experience what you are writing about, and they are reading.

Your writing should drag your readers along with you – to wherever you want and on whatever path you want to take them on …. they should follow you.

And at the end, they should have the ‘Ahh ha…” moment.


Your vote

So what do you think?

Is F the most important – more than the C – in the formula?

Because without the C you have no commitment and all the F in world won’t do any good….


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