We all make mistakes.

That’s why pencils have erasers and computer keyboards have [Delete] keys.



Essentially what you’re doing is ‘rubbing out’ what you don’t want any more. And that’s exactly what you should do with all your ‘Valued Clients’.

In marketing and business writing, faux pas abound and one of the worst is addressing an email, letter or any communication –


                    “As a valued client…..



Well if you really cared about them, knew them well and valued them as you say, then you’d know their name.

So what you’re really saying is….


“Dear no-name

You are of such little importance to me that rather than take the time to find out your name or think of another way to address you, I used this horrible cliché. And straight away it tells you that you are just a name on a list somewhere, not someone that is important to me.”


In this new age of technology, the [Delete] button is where and how we remove unwanted information. Countless times each day we hit that key, [Delete], [Delete], [Delete].

That’s exactly what you should do with all your ‘Valued Clients’. Or, you could take the time to find out their name, update and clean your mailing lists, database and CRM, and add meaningful salutations that have personalised messages.

You could even try getting to know them and rewarding them – loyalty discounts, free samples – to say thank you.

Many marketing messages (especially this one) are dead. So kill the ‘valued client’ cliché in your business and all the listings with it.

Instead think harder, spend more time and effort, do more research, and stand out from the crowd with your work.

Write better.

Make sure that what you write you’d want to get in your mix of messages, mail and alerts today.


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