My blog and website will never be perfect

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I have to confess, I can suffer from a terrible affliction at times.


It’s perfectionism.



It seems that very often creative spirits (no matter their tools of trade) have the same challenge – we’re chasing the elusive ideal.

But just like the perfect apple … it doesn’t exist.

There. Now I’ve said it out loud – well to the sound of a one-handed cyber clap anyway.

I’m often telling my kids that the slight marks on organic fruit and imperfections in handcrafted items are nature’s kisses or the creator’s signature; giving character and depth.

So if I can readily accept that in other areas, why didn’t I feel the same about my website and blog when I made them?

That’s because I was trying to create the perfect website.

Have you been there? Are you there right now?

Have you delayed launching your blog or website because the design is just “not right” yet? Do you rewrite your “About” page every week?

I’ve been in that hell with you.


Website and copy-hell

When I first decided to craft my own website, little did I know the torture I would unthinkingly inflict upon myself. First it was choosing a theme – I’d done tons of sites for other businesses, how and why did it suddenly become soooo difficult for me? The choice seemed overwhelming.

Then began the trial of writing the content. A snack you’d think, given I was a copywriter by trade, but “not so” I say…

When faced with creating something to represent what I had in my mind, my mind suddenly became cluttered, unorganised and overwhelmed with issues. What was happening?


The perfection illusion

I was chasing perfection. And there are two huge flaws with that thinking:

  1. If you keep chasing perfection it will NEVER be ready, and you’ll never stop re-working it.
  2. The other important stuff, like writing the articles, positioning your brand, making sales and building relationships (on and off line) are left unfinished.

If you’re stuck in the Groundhog Day of endless redesigns and rewrites then you need to accept and acknowledge the brilliance you’ve created so far. Don’t let your hunt for perfection hold you back from progress and forward movement.


The good news

A circle that travels through the fourth dimension of time is called a cycle. That’s what the creation process is, as is nature’s seasons. Your project SHOULD BE a never ending cycle that continues as you and your ideas and business develop and expand.

So complete this first creation process. Launch it. Let it go.

Then restart the cycle again with an update……


Have you ever been stuck in the endless chase for perfection on a project? Let us know in the comments.

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