While doing some research on starting my business blog, I came across a new way (for me) to start off the New Year.



Unlike many, I don’t celebrate the dawning of a New Year. I don’t mark it with a toast, party hard or make a list of resolutions that I know I’ll never keep in an already busy life.

I have fallen prey at times to the allure of the practice though; I’ve made many resolutions (before I resolved – LOL – to stop) that never stuck. The push-off from the blocks always went great, but the stick-ability in the long-run was lacking.

Therefore New Year has never been a huge thing for me, but this year I may have found another, different type of resolution that will work for me and my business.


A word-resolution

So what’s this new way?

Choose a word. It’s as simple as that.

Each day you focus on that word. That word will give you direction in 2011 and be your touchstone when things get tough. It works like this…

“Then, hold that word in your mind throughout the year, and let your word guide you to take action.”

Christine Kane


What does the word do?

Simplistically, the word will build on itself. I suppose it’s a bit like Lego. Each piece in itself holds the potential, but together the blocks give a far more awesome result – one that can become something far greater than what was initially imagined.

Without getting too metaphysical, because you’re focused on it, over the year your word (and therefore life) will likely attract a lot of other associated things to it. Each thing will be a perfect complement to your word choice.  Even things you’d not initially imagined as part of your word choice. These will arise to inspire and challenge you, for you to adopt and change as your business and self needs through the year.


How do you find the word?

Now I’m sorry, but you can’t just choose any random word that pops into your head – although that blinding flash may give you some great direction to start looking for *the* word. Suffice to say, you do need to ponder or ruminate (I do love that word) for a while to find one that works for you.

For the entire explanation of this word-of-the-year approach, read the original 2006 blog post that I found by Christine Kane and her subsequent one in 2008. She also provides a comprehensive list of word suggestions to start you thinking – exactly as it did for me.


My word for 2011

My word is openness.

It encapsulates all the things that I have in mind for both the business and myself in the year ahead. It will hopefully open me to the new, different and uncomfortable opportunities of each day.

My business needs to take some slightly different (for me) new options. Openness will help me to approach those head (and heart)-on rather than closing down.


But why and how can this help you?

It may not. But for me, it feels far more inspiring than a list of resolutions for 2011. And I’m now rather excited about approaching the year ahead with my word as my guidepost.

I must confess though that I still do have a huge list of things to-do in my plan for this year, albeit none are resolutions per se. However, when I go over the list I can see that many will need a certain level of ‘openness’ to succeed. To finish some of them I really will have to stretch into some of the ‘uncomfortable places’ that I sometimes avoid living in myself. I’ll also need to open-up some of those restricted or private areas.  Ohhh. Hmmm. And that’s let alone anything else that the universe decides to throw at me!


Well I did say I like a challenge.

I’ll keep you updated on my ‘Openness’ during 2011.


Photo via stock.xchng user madhavan


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