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One of the cardinal rules of copywriting is 'show don’t tell'


That's true whether you’re writing a brand story, tender or website. So instead of me telling you about my work, have a look for yourself. Below, there are samples of my brand, marketing, feature article writing and editing work.


The lists below represent a small portion of past projects.


However, if you're short on time, there's also a quick summary of my work on my Contently storyboard - just click on the image below, for a little side trip...



Or, if you don't see a sample relevant to your own project request, feel free to contact me and I’ll privately send you suitable samples that are available (i.e not ghostwritten or under non-disclosure agreements).

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Brand Journalism: Custom Magazines, Newsletters (internal, external, pixel, print)

Custom Magazines

The Kronicle - Kennards Hire

28 page, A3, 4-colour magazine, printed quarterly. Contracted as the Managing Editor & Brand Journalist for the internal (culture) publication - The Kronicle.
This custom magazine cultivates and reinforces the company culture as well as sharing company, people and customer stories.

UltraFIT Magazine & Accelerate Magazine (Jetts Fitness)

Senior Editor & writer for UltraFIT magazine (bimonthly) 2010-2011. This national (print) magazine targeted personal trainers, fitness instructors and the fitness industry.

The magazine also produced a custom (white label) magazine, Accelerate, for all Jetts Fitness Centres.

Brand Relaunch Materials

Relaunch/update of Expertise Events branding. Encompassed relaunch brochure and entire suite of logo, corporate stationery and style guidelines.

Print Postcards & E-Newsletters

The SALES CATALYST- Insights from the Field Postcard Series (print) and E-Newsletters

E-Newsletters - various clients

Blenkhorn Financial Planning     

Print Newsletters - various clients

Real Estate    Commercial Furniture    Finance


Guest Articles & Posts: published under own name

Series of three Branding articles published on Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA):

April 2017 - Batman Branding for Remarkable NFPs - Part 3: Evolving Your NFP Brand? Build Your Brand Mythos

March 2017 - Batman Branding for Remarkable NFPs - Part 2: Know What’s at Risk for Your NFP Customers

February 2017 - Batman Branding for Remarkable NFPs - Part 1: Rediscovering the WHY of Your NFP Brand

Ghost Writing: Articles (print and digital), Blog Posts, Books - published under client's name

Series of six Generational Marketing articles, ghostwritten for a client - The SALES CATALYST - and published in Professional Beauty Magazine (Australia):

Mar/Apr 2017 - The Millennial Motherlode: Gen Y are the new money-makers

Jan/Feb 2017 - Are You Tapping Into the X Factor? Why Generation X are the silent powerhouses

Nov/Dec 2016 - Back to the Boomers: Why going back in time is still a goldmine

Sept/Oct 2016 - M&M Marketing: Which generation are you targeting?

Series of three Luxury Branding articles, ghostwritten for a client - The SALES CATALYST - and published in Professional Beauty Magazine (Australia):

May/June 2016 - Undressing Victoria: Trading up to create a New Luxury Brand

Mar/Apr 2016 - Luxury Branding and the Macaron Effect: Why we covet luxury and the way it makes us feel

Jan/Feb 2016 - History, Hallmarks and Habits of Luxury Brands: The iconic markings of great luxury brands

Numerous branding articles, ghostwritten for a client - The SALES CATALYST - and published in Professional Beauty Magazine (Australia):

Nov/Dec 2015 - The Swift Method of Brand Domination: How delight and surprise builds brand-fan loyalty

Jul/Aug 2015 - What’s Baked into Your Brand? Is it FAB?

May/Jun 2015 - If Your Build Your Brand, Will They Come? Ask AIDA...

Series of seven branding articles, ghostwritten for a client - The SALES CATALYST - and published in Professional Beauty Magazine (Australia):

Mar/Apr 2015 - Brand Bling in a Blue Box: How an iconic brand delivers its promise

Jan/Feb 2015 - What Was Willy Wonka's Secret? How genius brands harness passion and people

Nov/Dec 2014 - Got Junk in Your Trunk? Why brands need push, pull and proof to make it big

Sept/Oct 2014 - Friends or Soul-mates? Finding your perfect brand partner

Jul/Aug 2014 - The Price of a Cup: How emotionomics - not just economics - drives brand choice

May/Jun 2014 - The LBD of Branding:Packaging that walks your talk

Mar/Apr 2014 - Brand Demand:Creating the Holy Grail

Articles ghostwritten for a client - The SALES CATALYST - and published in Hair Biz Magazine (Australia):

Sept 2016 - Put down the purse: pick up an experience: Why does a customer’s experience with you, mean so much?

May 2016 - Be a beekeeper not a zookeeper. Who, what, when, where and why do your customers buzz?

Jan 2016 - Bringing Smiles Back to Salons. Do you have a service culture of ‘Yes’ in your salon?

Nov 2015 - Conquering Client Conversations. Are you asking the right questions?

Sept 2015 - Apple or pear shaped profits? Three ways your profits can give juicy returns…

Mar 2015 - What Price is Your Legacy? How one man’s dream drove a suburb to increase its value

Nov 2014 - Are Your Clients Sticky?

Mar 2015 - What Price is Your Legacy? How one man’s dream drove a suburb to increase its value

Magazine Articles: published under own name

Senior Editor and Writer for UltraFIT Magazine:

UltraFIT  - May/June 2011 - 5 Tibetan Rites

UltraFIT  - Mar/Apr 2011 - Excessive Blogging Disorder

UltraFIT  - Jan/Feb 2011 - Profile/Feature Story - Felicity Abram

UltraFIT  – Nov/Dec 2010 - The Reebok Journey

UltraFIT  - Nov/Dec 2010 - 26 Fashion Statements

Blog Posts: published under own name


RedBalloon - Suite of twelve B2B articles across three topics

Recognition & Rewards:

3 simple secrets to tapping the power of your people

Make their day by building recognition into every day

The eyes have it: purpose and passion deepen culture

Want your workplace reward programs to work? Build them around moments, not things

Incentives and Referrals:

Chasing more? Link your people with their passions

3 simple ways to establish a culture of giving

3 playful ways small scale giving=big people impact

4 ways curiosity encourages a culture of innovation

Team Building:

Team Building: Cook the books this end of financial year

3 team building ideas that take the action offsite

Escape the humdrum & build memorable team activities

5 sailing essentials for successful teamwork


The SALES CATALYST - Monthly B2B (Sales) posts, 2012-2014

WORD SWORDS - Regular blog posts



Write To Done - Guest post: Why Copying Inspires Creativity August 2011

Judy Lee Dunn (formerly Cat's Eye Writer) - Guest post: Zombie Blogs: How Dead Ideas Walk Among Us September 2012. Ranked in Top 10 blog posts of 2012 for the site. Ranking plotted on the more important reader behaviours: pageviews, unique page views, unique visitors, social shares and average time on page.

For Bloggers By Bloggers - Guest posts: The Zen of blogging: 10 ways to simplify your struggle for mastery August 2012, The Pasta Lover's Guide to Blogging November 2012

Mouths of Mums - Guest Post Series: Mummy Blogging 101: Try it, it’s addictive 2012,  Mummy Blogging 101: 5 fundamentals of setting up house 2012, Mummy Blogging 101: Getting your writing mojo on 2012, Mummy Blogging 101: Write a blog post that stinks ... 2012, Mummy Blogging 101: 5 free image sites to help tell your story, legally! 2012, Mummy Blogging 101: The ABC's of writing a blog post 2012, Mummy Blogging 101: Steal time from your BFF [or anyone] 2012, Mummy Blogging 101: 21 ways that you’re not starting 2013,

Sales/Lead Generation Pages & Campaigns:

Long Form Sales Page

Group Salon Sales Coaching Program - Copywrite long form sales page

How to Launch a New Product - Copywrite long form sales/landing page.

Sales Funnel - digital

Shead Property - Write copy for three sales funnel (lead generation) emails designed to help progress the customer from enquiry/lead through prospect to a property listing.

Sales Funnel - print

Shead Property - Write copy for one sales letter designed to soft sell 2014 achievements and help progress the customer from lead through prospect to listing in 2015.

Award Submissions: published under client's name

Kennard Family - Submission for the 2014 Distinguished Family Business Australia Award

Winning submission - August 2014

Lauded by the judges as being ‘the best’ submission they’d ever seen

The submission was planned, researched, written, edited and proofed

David Green, a partner at Deloitte and one of the three independent judges, didn’t hesitate in saying “The submission was first class – there’s no question. It was very engaging, very extensive and demonstrably assisted the judges in understanding the Kennard story.”


Tenders: confidentiality agreements apply

Metro Bussing Services Tender (2014): Transdev NSW - Tender Writing - specifically the Business Plan component

Energy Australia Network Transmission Alliance (2010) : Conneq Alliance - CV Writing

Regional Rail Link (RRL) Project WP-E EOI (2010): John Holland - CV Writing

Perth City Link Rail (2010): John Holland & GHD - CV Writing


Workforce Aggregator: Tandem Corp - Copywriting content, positioning, brand story creation

SAS/Start-up: Doctrail - Copywriting content, positioning, brand story creation

Hire Industry: Kennards Hire - copywriting content, scoping (corporate pages) site plan

Real Estate: Shead Property - Copywriting content, positioning, brand story creation

Bridal: Ribbons Bridal & Couture - Copywriting of all content

Home Automation: Intelligent Control Systems - Copywriting of all content

Sales Training & Business Coaching: The SALES CATALYST - Positioning, copywriting of all content, scoping of site requirements, site map design and WordPress updating

Removalist: Be There Removals - Tagline, positioning, copywriting of all content, scoping of site requirements, site map design

Accounting and Bookkeeping: S&E Business Services - Copywriting of all content

Body Care Products: Duby n Loz - Tagline, positioning and copywriting of all content

Photography: Vicki Huston Photography - Positioning and copywriting of all content

Alternative Therapies: Northern Beaches Meditation Centre - Positioning and copywriting of all content

Writing: WORD SWORDS - I designed my own site map, created, wrote and posted all the content (so I'm also a bit handy at updating web content and blogs on WordPress)

Publishing: FITmedia - Brand positioning, copywriting of all corporate content

IT: SEERvey - Brand postioning copy for launch site

Exhibitions & Events: Expertise Events - 2008 - Part of corporate rebranding and repositioning: Original site map design/creation and copywriting of all corporate content; numerous recent updates excluded

Editing/Sub-Copy Editing, Proof Reading:

The Kronicle - Qtrly internal print publication, Kennards Hire

UltraFIT Magazine - Senior Editor, Copy Editor & Proofing/All issues from 2010-2011 - View Cover

Oxygen Magazine - Copy Editor & Proofing  - View cover

Fat Loss Special Magazine - Copy Editor & Proofing/Annual Issue Sept 2010 - View Cover

Arnold Collector's Edition - Copy Editor & Proofing/Nov 2010 - View Cover

Sales Materials:

World Dog Games - Sales Brochure 2008

Gardening Australia Expo - Sales Brochure 2007

IntoPrint - Brochure 2009

Music Expo - Sales Brochure 2008

Annual Reports:

House With No Steps - Annual Review 2009.

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