Case studies

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Great copywriting transforms the ordinary


It turns your ideas into words and persuades your right people.


With the careful use of storytelling practices, I develop meaningful content and messages for my clients.

But that requires more than just a well-thought-out or well-put-together sentence or paragraph. It's equal parts strategist and purpose-digger-come-storyteller.


The best copywriters do more than write well.

The best copywriters think before they ink.

The best copywriters touch hearts.


Here you’ll see (thanks to one of my wonderful clients) exactly how something - that started out as quite ordinary - can be turned into magic ... and deliver results.

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Project: Monthly E-newsletter – Sales training business



Their monthly newsletter lacked engagement and the client had no confidence in their writing skills. Ideas were not the problem, time and execution was.


I suggested they emotionally engage (rather than intellectually) with their readers and over time take them through the know, like, trust (KLT) journey.

The use of personal stories (as an emotional metaphor for the big idea) was an important technique to use, as well as ensuring that each newsletter cast a very narrow shadow, containing just one single idea.


Each month the client provided a rough draft of the main newsletter content/article, which I then (ghost) rewrote, uploaded to Mailchimp and sent out for them.

The big idea/theme for this issue was ‘the lifetime value of a customer.‘ Take a look at the (ghost) rewritten version and if you’re interested in seeing how it started out, that also appears. The main message of the article was maintained, but reframed in a more emotionally engaging way and with an interesting angle. The aim was to attract readers and create a connection – so that they slowly got to know the person/business, as the first step on KLT.


This client has become renowned amongst his own clients for his story-like newsletters that teach business lessons as well as engage.

He continually gets feedback, replies and comments about his e-newsletters, all of which has helped build his reputation, brand and connection with clients.

READ (and SEE) the actual transformation...

How my wife’s wedding dress destroyed our relationship …


Wedding dress woesWe were close. Really close.


Our relationship had been discreetly going on-and-off for close to 30 years, and it had grown to become a vital part of my life and how I functioned. It was important to me.

But suddenly, it was gone. All because of my wife’s wedding dress.

READ (and SEE) the actual transformation...

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