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This blog is where persuasion meets storytelling and meaning beats money


It focuses on persuasive writing – the art and science of purposefully moving emotions, needs, wants and things from person to person.


small loyal armyAs a story-based copywriter and marketer, I’ll help you shape and forge content that adds meaning to your messaging and woos people, without being pushy.

It will help you build a loyal army for your brand ... with psychology, storytelling and heartfelt weaponry as your allies.


And there are the plotting, planning and persuasion tools to learn and master before you can conquer your promised land.

Some thoughts from readers ...

“Di Mace slays writing dragons with her word swords.
It is a very fun blog full of help and insight and tools and fun. She will help improve your writing. And you’ll have a bit of fun too.”
“I was impressed when I stumbled onto your site last summer, so full of energy and thundering voice. Loving it. You are inspiration wildly dancing across the planet.”
Catherine W McKinneyAdventures of a Writing Life

Zombie Blogs: How Dead Ideas Still Walk Amongst Us  was Di’s first guest post on my blog, where she tackled the scary topic of blogs that have outlived their usefulness—and how to prevent that happening to your blog.
Di hit it out of the park and made my Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012 by 1) finding an interesting theme (zombies); 2) making us laugh with her outrageous photos; and 3) giving us tons of strategies to ensure that we don’t end up with zombie blogs.
Good job, Di!”
Judy Lee Dunn Judy Lee Dunn (Cat’s Eye Writer)

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I help brands and businesses own their 'why' and share their purpose, through heartfelt, persuasive words.
As a story-based copywriter and marketer, I craft brand stories and meaningful branded content - around a company's culture, customers and core values.
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