Wandering, wondering and wordless

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I’ve been absent.


In mind, if not body – following paths.

And in doing that, I became a visitor to my blog, not its roommate.




It’s tricky … noticing absence.

At first you notice it.

You feel foggy and slightly uncomfortable.

Then the transition smoothly glides from presence to absence.


And after a while you don’t notice it.

Then it’s forgotten.


I‘ve been trying to write this for some weeks.

Finally it appeared for me – perfectly written by Erika Napoletano in a recent post, Your Messy, Messy Life

“It’s been awhile since I’ve written … a combination of self-doubt and blinding excellence, all muddled together in a strange stew of here and now where I can’t seem to get the seasoning right.”


I couldn’t serve a dish to my roommate that didn’t taste, look or feel right.

So I didn’t.

But after giving myself the space of absence, I’ve drawn up a new guidebook for this year:

To give you a roadmap to find (purpose), frame (persuasion) and forge (stories) your words.

And so the work begins.


But as Erika goes on to say in her post…

“The whole execution thing … that requires you to be brave. And brave is never pretty. It’s never clean, processed, chopped, and packaged.

It’s messy.”

So let’s see how my messy, brave life shows up.

Want to add something?

Let me know what you’d like to hear, learn and see this year …


Photo credit: harold.lloyd via photopin cc


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