Give me your handbag – and I’ll find your story secrets

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A handbag (or manbag) is the ultimate private space.


And that makes it juicy territory for story hunting.




What’s in your bag right now?

What stories does it hold, hide or hint at?

Are there secrets lurking at the bottom … along with the bobby pins, scraps of paper and long forgotten flotsam and jetsam?


Will it unravel you?

Leave me (or any curious person, really) alone with your bag for an hour and it’s incredible what I can say about you.

It’s not the obvious – phone, tissues or money that says much.

Look at the small everyday objects.

They hold great power in revealing your personality.


What story secrets will your handbag tell me?

Share it … in the comments


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    • Di Mace

      May 14, 2014

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      Then you could either be a writer (stereotypically) or a chronically forgetful person 🙂 thanks for dropping by

  1. Early Conner

    December 25, 2013

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    Hello there,
    Haven’t seen any of your posts for a while:( Was wondering if maybe you had said you were going on hiatus and I missed it or if everything is ok?
    Just concerned:/
    Early Bird

    • Di Mace

      December 30, 2013

      Post a Reply

      Hi there! Thanks for asking and noticing my absence.
      Apart from work-words and my mthly newsletter (can’t find you on my list?) I’ve been laying low. Nothing bad – just been journeying the labyrinth of self for a while and wasn’t sure anyone would want to see the onion being peeled:) Think I’m getting to the pearls now though, so should be back soonish. How are you? All good and still writing, damn it … I hope 😉

  2. Early Conner

    October 26, 2013

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    Hello there,
    I don’t have a purse or even a man purse but I do have a backpack.
    I think my backpack would say that I am a minimalist, that I am well traveled and like to be prepared, that work and play should always be interchangeable and food should be available at all times:)
    The adventures and stories inside my backpack would involve more space than a comment box provides but if I were to sum up I would say: Come love or money, I am ready for anything:)
    I am very curious as to what your bag would say about you;)
    Early Bird

    • Di Mace

      October 29, 2013

      Post a Reply

      Ahhh…well my bag has morphed over the years (and kids) from being a personal, fashionable icon to an ‘essentials’ carry-all and now it’s something in between the two. Essentially I carry too much baggage (oh the truth in that!) and need to lighten my load. Not being a flashy handbag gal (I hate those bags with all those big buckles), I’ve progressed from leather backpacks into more of a satchel style. As for the contents, well it spans the obvious through to the obscure … but each thing either has a meaning (for me) or a use.

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