Starting or not: there are no shades of grey

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I could start with an analogy that paints a picture for you.


Or allude to my headline and the raunchy book that topped best sellers list last year.

Perhaps I could talk about how we fool ourselves into thinking that we’ve started something.

So many choices to think through.


Starting or not


But really, that’s not starting.

It’s a huge fear that drives us all (myself included at the start, and even still on my bad days) running and screaming to curl up in the foetal position under your bedcovers, rocking yourself and muttering, “Happy place. Find my happy place.”

So to help you kick that hurdle outa the way, here’s a list of what isn’t starting…”  Read More


Today I’m guest posting over at Mouths of Mums.


Mummy Blogging 101: 21 ways that you’re not starting

Head over and see what hits my list of things we all do, that really aren’t starting. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what else should be added to the list. Drop a comment either here or over there, and we can talk!

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    • Di Mace

      August 14, 2013

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      Oh let me list them…washing, cooking, reading, knitting, kid-wrangling, hubby-hustling, gardening…really any and everything can look soooo attractive when I don’t ‘feel’ like starting 🙂

  1. Early Conner

    March 30, 2013

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    Good day,
    You definitely hit on the big ones with starting. My biggest problem is laziness.
    I am a bit of a perfectionist and whatever I am writing, whether it’s a short story, poem or even an email, I will go over it dozens and dozens of times, tweaking and shifting to get it exactly the way I want it to sound.
    So when I think: “I should go post that draft I have just sitting there.” The secondary thought of: “I won’t hit post until it’s perfect and I don’t want to spend that kind of time on it right now, I have other things to do.” will pop up and it won’t happen:/
    Early Bird

    • Di Mace

      March 31, 2013

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      Ha ha… sounds like what goes on in my head at times. I’ve found that doing client work (with its inherent connection to deadlines and income) helps fix both laziness and perfectionism (AKA the deadly double). However, my own posts can languish in the draft stage for some time…and often die there because the idea wasn’t quite formed enough (IMHO) to be birthed. Ahhh so many great things have died at my own hand 🙂

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