Telling a story with your body heat

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There have always been brilliant, unspoken stories told by photographers.


But how great would it be if your story could be read, shown to you and even set to a music track – all by your body heat?

Sound weird? Perhaps slightly unnerving?

Maybe not.

Let’s go on a journey that’s just starting to unfold.


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The sweaty truth

Sweat’s always been used as a measure.

Blood sweat and tears, sweating bullets/blood/buckets, break out in a cold sweat, sweat your guts out, sweat like a pig, don’t sweat it, and the list goes on.

Generally it’s always related to great personal effort to get what or where you’re aiming.

Now it’s being used by Nike to quickly expand its footprint (pardon the pun) into the digital space.

The invasion started last year with the hyper successful launch of the Nike+ Platform and FuelBanda sexy, slick looking wristband that tracks your activity.

It rewards you with NikeFuel points based on effort and allows your friends and social media community to compete with you or cheer you on towards your goals.

FuelBand was a huge step toward getting consumers to buy into the company’s fitness platform – one that now encompasses apparel, data and tech and services.

But now the company is aiming to tell you your story – visually and audibly.


How will they just do it?

It will undoubtedly be through the introduction of further disruptive innovations – like those hinted at by Nike CEO, Mark Parker in a recent interview with Fast Company:


“Just imagine if your body could control or change the music that you’re listening to–if your movement could actually change the cadence of the music, the tempo, or the beat. Sound–there’s a lot of things going on in that area that are very exciting,” Parker says. “So there could be new ways to get feedback–through audio feedback–for how your body is performing. The same could happen with heart rate” …

Parker also says “visual feedback” is another area of interest. Rather than use one universal color code for activity, he imagines there could be more specific uses of visual feedback. “These are examples of ways that you can bring the performance of your body alive through different sensory inputs. Color is one: if your heart rate was converted into color, or your movement was converted into color. But it’s all about giving the athlete more feedback and helping use that feedback or interpret that feedback in a way that’s going to improve their performance or their level of fitness or just make the experience a lot more interesting.”


Nike has a mythical creation story.

Their company culture is constantly fed with legends, oral history and odd talismans kept from the founders and other key watershed moments in their story.

This time it seems they are merging the digital and physical worlds to refit themselves, for a greater battle in the marketplace. It’s a battle that Apple has won for the past few years, but now there’s a void that they’re trying to fill, with your help.

And to do it they’re wrapping together your activity, fitness goals, friends, shoes, clothing, devices and sweat so you can build and tell your own Nike story.

One that runs parallel with theirs.

But then that’s great branding isn’t it?


Life is short …

Thoughts? Creeped out? Or are you just in awe (like moi) of their disruptive force?

Drop a comment below.

Photo credit: RON SOMBILON MEDIA, ART & PHOTOGRAPHY via photopin cc


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  1. Early Conner

    February 17, 2013

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    Good day,
    I imagine this tech quest that Nike has gone on is impressive in it’s innovation but it also just seems like one more step into the Matrix and one more step away from the simpler needs that humans continue to ignore because their time is so consumed with liking, tweeting and texting:/

    Early Bird

    • Di Mace

      February 18, 2013

      Post a Reply

      Oh yeah! Speaking of which I go offline on the weekends (my little private war in reclaiming my soul), so sorry for the delay in replying.

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